International Warehousing and distribution Introduction
Overseas warehouse is a cross-border e-commerce service, which are suitable for solving cross-border B2C and B2B business. The overseas warehouse model means that sellers store goods in warehouses established in overseas consumers' home countries, and then according to the local country's sales orders, carry out sorting, packaging and distribution directly from a local warehouse, refers to a warehouse facility established overseas. Cross-border e-commerce companies export goods in batches to overseas warehouses in accordance with normal trade methods. After the e-commerce platform completes the sales, they will deliver the goods to overseas consumers.

Overseas warehouse service

Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia,Malaysia,Thailand,Philippine
European and American countries: the United States, the Netherlands
The steps forusing overseas warehouses are as follows

Step 1:

Our company can assist the seller to transport the goods to the overseas warehouse center, or the seller himself entrusts the carrier to send the goods to our overseas warehouse. This international freight can be delivered to the warehouse by sea freight, air freight or express.

Step 2:

The seller manages overseas warehousing online and remotely. The seller uses our logistics information system to remotely operate overseas warehousing goods and keep them updated in real time.

Step 3:

Carry out goods operations according to the seller's instructions, Automatically operate equipment according to logistics providers' overseas warehousing centers, strictly follow the instructions of the seller to store, sort, package, and deliver the goods.

Step 4:

The system information is updated in real time. After the delivery is completed, the system will update in time to display the inventory status and let the seller know in real time.