• Jun.

    J&T Express Egypt was put into operation.

  • May.

    J&T Express Brazil was put into operation,and J&T International successively
    established 22 branches and subsidiaries in China.

  • Feb.

    J&T Express Mexico was put into operation.

  • Jan.

    J&T Express UAE and J&T Express Saudi
    Arabia were put into operation.


  • Dec.

    J&T Express acquired BEST’s Express business in China.

  • Aug.

    J&T Cargo, an express business brand under J&T, was established in Indonesia.

  • Mar.

    J&T held the initial flight ceremony of the first all-goods carrier, opening a new era of air transport for high-end parcels.

  • Jan.

    J&T International, an internationa logistics brand under J&T, was established (formerly “Yunlu Supply Chain”).


  • Mar.

    J&T Express China was put into operation.

  • Jan.

    J&T Express Singapore was put into operation.


  • Oct.

    J&T Express Cambodia was put into operation.

  • Mar.

    J&T Express Philippines and Thailand were put into operation.


  • Aug.

    J&T Express Malaysia was put into operation.

  • Jul.

    J&T Express Vietnam was put into operation.

  • Jan.

    Yunlu Supply Chain was put into operation in Shenzhen, China.


  • Oct.

    The News Conference of “Express Your Online Business”was held, marking the entry of J&T Express into the era of e-commerce express.


  • Aug.

    J&T Express, an express brand under J&T, was established in Indonesia.